Do You?

Find yourself with dreams and goals but then stuck and overwhelmed because you don't actually know what to do?

Feel guilty when you are working because you're taking precious time away from your family, but then can't stop thinking about work when it's supposed to be "family time?"

Find you have sticky notes all over your desk but no actually system set up for your success?

Find your mind spinning with all the things you need to do that sometimes you end up doing nothing instead?

Often feel like the work is never done? (guess what it's not, that's why you are overwhelmed)

Forget to follow up with that hot lead because she told you to call her in a week and now it's three weeks later and you missed your shot?

Look at your phone's contact list and think, "Who are all these people?"

Have a difficult time separating your personal and professional life and even your family is annoyed because you work "all the time?"

Find the day goes by and you wonder, "What did I actually accomplish?"

Forget everything you have heard about finding "balance."

It's a lie.

After years of struggling to figure out why I couldn't find this elusive "balance" other successful people seemed to have mastered I realized the truth.

Balance is a lie.

In this masterclass you'll learn the real secret to crafting a life you love. You'll learn to create harmony with your time, priorities and goals to live your life with ease.

You'll learn my daily, weekly and monthly time, productivity and organizational hacks that I've tested and tweaked over 20 years and now allow me to run 3 businesses all while being a full time single mom.

During this masterclass you’ll learn:

➤The difference between a calendar and a plan sheet and why you need both for a zero guilt life.

➤How to create a harmony circle so your life reflect your true priorities

➤My secret hack to organize my contacts in my phone

➤My top productivity & organizational must have apps

➤The brain dump, the to-do-list and the single subject notebook system hack

➤The hardest time evaluator you’ll ever do and how to do it to change your life

➤How to create a folder system so you never wonder what to do

➤Why I don’t carry business cards

And more!

Who is coaching you?

Hi, I'm Tara Geraghty, a 6-figure Entrepreneur, Business Coach, TEDx Speaker and Mentor 

I'm the Founder of the Hey Girl; You Can Community. 

I've spent over 23+ years in leadership development leading a team of women across the nation. With a degree in theater, a background in improvisation, I know how to pivot, connect, and communicate.

I started my first business at 20 and, within 18 months, rose to the top 1% in my field. I've trained thousands of women across the country to market, build, and scale their businesses.

I am a Counseling Practitioner and REBT certified with the active listening skills that have let me connect with people over screens, stages, and in-person.

I took the devesting diagnosis of my daughter's cancer and became an advocate for families and kids. I'm a Top 5 TEDx speaker, the Author of Making Cancer Fun: A Parent's Guide (Amazon #1 New Release), and have been featured on MSNBC, GMA, 5280 & Reader’s Digest, to name a few. I've built a collective of families and lifelong friendships through our cancer journey.

You can find me online at

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